Attractive Protect Bond From Comdirect Bank With 5.5% Interest P.A. On Porsche

At comdirect Bank, customers currently receive an attractive interest rate of 5.5% p.a. if they choose the Commerzbank Protect reverse convertible on Porsche. This offers investors the opportunity to make an attractive but at the same time risky investment. It is possible that the reverse convertible can be subscribed from an investment of 1,000 Euro at a fixed price of 100%. In principle, comdirect Bank always publishes an offer in the area of reverse convertibles. If you look around you will see that various shares with different interest rates are offered as bonds – often with a term of about 12 months.

What advantages does the Commerzbank Protect reverse convertible bond on Porsche offer?

The Protect reverse convertible bond on Porsche offers an interest rate of 5.5% and is therefore much more attractive than most bonds? The term of the bond is exactly 12 months, so that it is possible in edem case to achieve the interest rate for 1 year . The barrier is 85% and ensures that the risk of a loss is significantly lower than if you invest directly in the stock. It should be noted that the barrier is only observed on the valuation day, i.e. 20 March 2020. If you touch or fall below the barrier on this date, the corresponding number of shares will be repaid instead of the capital invested.

What risks are associated with the reverse convertible bond on the Porsche share?

In principle, all investors must know that the capital of the investment is not protected. This means that if the share price on March 20 touches the barrier, or even falls below it, the shares of Porsche will be paid out instead of the capital. It is possible that in the extreme case a loss up to the total loss becomes possible. During the entire term, the influences of the market can ensure that this reverse convertible bond develops negatively. This means, for example, that the share price can develop negatively. The interest rate level can also change and cause the shares to develop. Reports and news about Porsche AG can also lead to a negative development of the value of the share and the bond. In principle, investors bear the issuer risk and, of course, the redemption risk.

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What is necessary to take advantage of comdirect Bank’s offer?

Whoever wants to subscribe to the reverse convertible bond on Porsche with Commerzbank’s Protect features needs a securities account with comdirect Bank in any case. Under certain circumstances, the custody account can be managed completely free of charge – for example, if you decide to manage the free checking account at comdirect Bank parallel to the custody account.

The comdirect Bank securities account can be managed completely online. It is possible to control the entire portfolio via app, which is very easy.

What trading options does comdirect Bank offer?

Comdirect Bank offers numerous trading options. This means that stocks and securities of all kinds can be traded. However, it is necessary to find out in advance which products to recommend and which opportunities and risks to take with them. The range of funds on offer is particularly extensive. comdirect Bank offers its customers more than 10,000 different funds. A large part of the funds can also be concluded as so-called savings plans. The range of funds is supplemented by a large number of ETFs. In some cases a discount of 50 or even 100% is offered on trading with funds and ETFs . Thus it can be very worthwhile to start here into the trade. The trade products of the comdirect bank can be seen and are partially clearly more extensive, than it with other banks the case is.

With the savings plans of the comdirect bank, which can be subscribed on ETFs or e.g. funds, an execution is possible starting from 25 euro. The savings plans can be saved monthly or every two or three months. Thus the comdirect bank offers further attractive investment possibilities, which are noticed gladly by the traders.

Which service possibilities the comdirect bank offers?

The service is very good with the comdirect bank and can very simply be noticed. It is possible to use the telephone hotline at comdirect Bank around the clock, i.e. 24 hours a day. Support via e-mail is also available. Customers of comdirect Bank can also take advantage of live chat support. This is very easy to use and can be completely perceived via the Internet. This means that you can ask a question in the chat and surf other websites in parallel, while you get information from comdirect Bank and answers to your questions.

The customers of comdirect Bank can always take advantage of new campaigns, which can save them a lot of money in any case. Within the first 6 months after opening the account, there is the possibility of being active on the comdirect Bank portal even with a 50% discount on the trading costs. It is even possible to get a bonus if you transfer the deposit from another bank to comdirect bank – at least if such a promotion is offered by comdirect bank at the moment.