Banx Trading Advertises With 10 Xetra Share Trades For 39 Euro

The broker BANX Trading is active in numerous countries and advertises in Germany with the fact that it charges a particularly favourable fee, if customers want to trade shares, or in addition, ETFs. Currently, it is advertised that the minimum fee for the purchase of shares and ETFs in Xetra trading is just 3.90 euros. This makes the BANX Broker much cheaper than many other stock brokers. The fees for other trading options offered by BANX Trading are also low.

Trading in futures amounts to a price of 1.80 euros per contract. Customers can subscribe to options at 2 euros per contract and those interested in foreign exchange pay a fee of at least 4 euros. The spread via ECN for BANX Trading is only at least 0.4 pips.

If customers decide to buy shares in CFDs, they have to pay a minimum fee of 5 euros. The transaction fee amounts to 0.10% of the transaction volume.

To BANX Trading

BANX Trading offers traders a free demo account!

Free of charge and completely without obligation the customers of BANX Trading can test the demo account of the broker. Only a small registration is required and the Trader Work Station, or TWS for short, can be used free of charge. Via this platform, BANX Trading customers have the option of trading stocks, options and futures worldwide. Bonds, ETFs and CFDs are also available. It is possible to trade on more than 100 different markets or to try out trading.

One of the great advantages of the trading platform is that it is particularly user-friendly and very stable. There is a lot of information about the individual investment options and of course a lot of information about prices and values. The software is available for Windows operating systems as well as for Mac and Linux users. There is an option to test a variant based on the browser. Mobile trading is also supported and so the TWS software can be installed on a mobile phone or smartphone without any problems.

How safe is the provider BANX Trading?

The company BANX Trading has its headquarters on Morsestraße 20 in Düsseldorf and is therefore very central in Germany. It is also registered in Düsseldorf and has a licence via FCA, or is regulated here. Who would like to contact the support, this can settle over a fixed net number with Düsseldorfer prefix (0211-97177849). Furthermore it is possible to contact the support via email. Unfortunately there is no live chat support. BANX Trading advertises this with the fact that customers can take advantage of a callback service. The service can be used from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm.

What costs and fees are charged to me at BANX Trading?

Customers who decide to have an account at BANX Trading will find out that there are no fees to pay for deposits. Furthermore, there is no minimum deposit that has to be made in order to work with BANX Trading. In addition, it should be mentioned that the deposit can be made via credit card, but also via bank transfer can be stemmtt.

The trading account at BANX Trading can be kept in Euro but also in British pounds and in US dollars and Swiss francs. There is the option that payments can also be made via bank transfer or credit card.

Whoever is interested in a trading account with BANX Trading should know that the broker is always planning actions for new customers. That means that these get credited for example with a depot change or with a new customer account with appropriate activities a bonus.

Now with BANX Trading act!