Why are Bingo and the Lotto STILL So Popular in the UK

In an era when the Internet and mobile devices are the biggest things in our lives, it seems remarkable that somewhat old school games can survive, especially when board games like Scrabble, Monopoly and Cluedo have had to bite the bullet and move into the digital era in order to survive.

While going online does make a great deal of sense in terms of remaining ‘cool’ and current, there is still life in the traditional games even if they have to move part of their game onto the web. Take bingo and the National Lottery as examples. These two British institutions have been around for decades now, and while you’ll now see tons of online bingo websites and places like www.lottosend.com to play the Lottery from anywhere in the world, you can still go down to the traditional bingo hall to play and you can still buy a ticket for the Lottery from your local newsagent.

Moving into the digital era, many will say, has saved both bingo and Lotto (as it is now known in the UK). The number of people going through the doors at the bingo halls around the UK has been dropping for decades now, since around the time the National Lottery first appeared on our screens ironically, but the numbers had been dropping before 1994 anyway. People just don’t have the time or money any more despite the significant prizes on offer and the social occasion associated with a night at the bingo.

Lotto celebrated its 20th birthday in November 2014 and has changed the lives of thousands around the country in that time; yet it’s certainly not as popular as it once was. Sure, you can blame the credit crunch, but it’s £1 for a Lotto ticket.

So why have they remained not only in our lives, but popular – even if they’re not at the same level as their hay days? The fact is, there is excitement in both and that’s exactly what people want when they take part in any game or draw. Neither take skill or effort to participate in – another key factor in the ongoing success and revitalisation – but the major factor without a doubt is the Internet and mobile gaming.

You don’t need to be a genius to win money on the lottery, or by playing bingo, meaning that you can play as often or as little as you like, without needing to set aside significant amounts of time either. Smartphones and tablets have meant that people can play bingo using various apps and websites; while the Lotto website and the likes of the aforementioned Lottosend page allow people to take part by registering an account and choosing their numbers over the web so they can do it on their lunch breaks without having to leave the office – or even while they’re on the train home from work having heard that there’s a massive rollover jackpot that evening.

With such substantial jackpots available, many see the little expenditure for maximum return offer as highly appealing. They don’t have to answer questions or compete with other more experienced players, both games are about luck and with the right amount they could change their lives forever.