Royal Dynasty: Hochadels’ Riches Can Be Yours

September 22nd, 2017 | Posted by admin in Game

Once you have been a part of Royal Dynasty slot game, you can easily enjoy your life with royalty as your companion. Be a part of the royal lifestyle and enjoy five reels of treasures, all set for you. The riches of well-known Hochadels are here for you to capture and make it yours. If you have the king by your side, then you have already won half of the battle. Not just the king, but you need to have two successors of the throne by your side. Once you have that, you can always get your hands on royal gains. This amazing game is known for its great graphics and perfectly designed themes.

Overview of the game:

Your target is to place five symbols, next to one another and on the same reel. It must maintain continuity without any other symbol in the middle. The line number is up to 20, and the rolling number is 5. The curve is basically from left to right, and you have to keep a note on special symbols. Scatter is one such special symbol, which is of prince and princess. Another important symbol is Joker, which is the King. If you have a little bit of luck by your side, then winning can prove to be a perfect deal.

Time for the bonus game:

If you have three or more prince and princesses, then you have a chance to win 25, 30, 40 or even 45 examples. It is only by chance that you can determine your number of examples. You have to wait till the wheel stops spinning or you can even stop the wheel by clicking on the start button. Most of the systems are designed to the automatic start button.

There is a royal dynasty logo available, which will show you whether you have triggered the bonuses by prince or princess or not. Later, this same symbol will be transformed into King, which is the Joker of this game. If the triggered symbol has repeated a minimum of three times or more examples, then you have high chances to win bonus rounds.

Now for the service:

Once you have entered the ground of Royal Dynasty, it is time to select the betting amount. Be very careful while selecting the betting amount, as you don’t want to bet everything you have in your player’s account in one game. There are restricted minimum and maximum amount sets. Be sure to follow that before entering the round.

After you have selected the betting amount, now it is time to select the application using + or – symbols. You can start individual rounds by clicking on the “start” button or let the machine works on it for you by automatically starting the round. You can click on the “stop” button for terminating the automatic start.

For checking out on the profit overview, you have to click on the “win” button. Depending on betting amount, you can calculate the profit opportunities automatically. If you want to learn more about the game, be a part of it.


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