Optiontime Review

Attention: OptionTime has been set meanwhile. Please use our Broker Comparison and choose an alternative broker like IQ Option or BDSwiss.

Beginners and advanced since 2008 the doors to the binary options Broker OptionTime are wide open. On paper, OptionTime convinces with its overall concept: comparatively high yields, diverse option types and trading overviews. We have found out in the OptionTime test whether the broker really is as promising a success as it is claimed by the makers and have compiled it.

Background: OptionTime

The internet research reveals 2008 to be such a serious year of foundation for the broker OptionTime. Thus the offerer ranks among one of the oldest. That speaks for long-term experience in handling customers and customers in the range of the trade with financial products.

In the background of OptionTime the Safecap Investments Limited works the head office in the island state Cyprus announced has. Safecap Investments is already well known through Markets.com and Finexo. Cyprus is part of the European Union and is listed and used by most binary options brokers as their main location. Most of the time there are no real companies in Cyprus, only letterboxes. The reason for this is taxes. They are much lower in Cyprus than in the rest of the European Union. However, you do not have to worry about seriousness with OptionTime. The broker is regulated and controlled by the Cypriot financial supervisory authority CySEC, which in turn is subject to the regulations from Brussels. The provider is under observation in this regulation, as are German binary options brokers.

The OptionTime offering is aimed in particular at customers from Germany. There is a serious interest, whereby OptionTime consciously distinguishes itself from many other competitors.

What customers say

German traders are directly addressed by OptionTime’s offer. The customers like that. Many positive opinions about OptionTime are available on the Internet. A large confidence is brought to the offerer, which can hold the enterprise in our opinion quite. OptionTime is respectable and offers a set of attractive plant possibilities, which are completely missing with many competitors. Here a clear plus point of OptionTime is to be constituted.

The OptionTime Support in the test

The most important first: Yes, a German support is present with OptionTime. Customers from Germany can therefore contact the employees directly in their native language. As our test showed, they are given professional help. There are no direct recommendations for systems. However, the friendly customer advisors are available to provide advice and assistance and have a wealth of specialist knowledge. They can be reached via the LiveChat, as well as via email and the corresponding hotline. Unfortunately, a 24-hour service is not offered.

For customers from abroad, a quick look at the languages on offer: The offer is available both in English, Spanish and French as well as in Italian. Thus the largest European countries are linguistically covered.

Our OptionTime Experiences

In our OptionTime Test and Binary Options Broker Comparison we did not notice any aspects which could impair the general seriousness. OptionTime is trustworthy and takes care of all issues customers face. The support is very friendly and helpful. The web presence of OptionTime is clearly arranged and offers fast access to all necessary pages and features. OptionTime is definitely not a rip-off or scam.

The_offer of OptionTime

How good is OptionTime’s offer really? Often this only becomes apparent when a direct comparison with other providers is made. We have taken a close look at the performance of the binary options broker and assessed how OptionTime is placed on the market.

Großzügig gestalteterte Handelsarten

The many trading functions on the trading platform are particularly eye-catching. The principle of trading with binary options is tainted by call and put options. In addition to the classic options, these are also available with short maturities for trading: 120 seconds, 90 seconds and 60 seconds. We strongly advise all beginners and newcomers not to use these options. The market is usually unpredictable. Especially with these maturities, trading binary options is pure gambling where a lot of money can be lost. Advanced traders sometimes have strategies that allow them to trade these short terms. For example, besides a bet on one price, another is placed on another. In the event of a loss, there would theoretically be a compensation.

Other well-known trading functions are OneTouch and Touch-in-Time trading. Three additional functions also make OptionTime very interesting. With Rollover, Double Up and the SellOption function, you have the option of making significant profits or betting more on security in your trades. It is a pity that these option types cannot be tested with a demo account. Before you start, you should therefore make sure that you understand how it works.

Up to 85% Yield with Call and Put-Options

The biggest criterion for comparing brokers are the profit opportunities associated with call and put options during trading. With these classic trading functions, OptionTime offers yields of up to 85 percent. Only a few competing providers can outbid this value. OptionTime is thus in the upper segment.

Risk investments, for example in high-yield trading functions, promise traders up to 500% returns. These values are difficult to compare with the offers of other binary options brokers, as here the direct conditions and trading types play a not insignificant role in trading.

Analysesoftware zum Online-Handel

A real showpiece is “Pro Master”, the trading software from OptionTime. It can be used easily online and without downloading. The analysis options are very extensive, even if they can still be optimized here. Other binary options brokers usually don’t offer such a choice. As indicators Bollinger Brands, RSI, Fibonacci and MACD are part of the program. Even beginners will quickly find their way to the program and can make their first analyses directly.

Deposit and OptionTimeOutpayment

Deposits can be made by credit card or bank transfer. In addition, various online services ensure that the money is already available in a few seconds on the online account.

You receive a withdrawal with standard account within 5-12 business days, VIP customers within 3-5 business days. Here is quite potential for the improvement of the OptionTime offer. After our experiences the money arrives however actually. OptionTime is serious and worries differently than many black sheep in the industry dutiful-conscious.

Bonus and special campaigns

Yes, with OptionTime there are above all for new customers tempting deposit offers. How high the sum credited at the end is with the bonus however, cannot be fixed exactly, since the conditions constantly change. With a deposit starting from 200 euro a bonus is paid at a value of 50%, with Einazhlungen of 500€ or more there is 100% bonus. The bonus amount is limited to 5000€. For closer information about the current offer the Internet side of option Time should be visited.

Mit 100 Euro direkt einsteigen

So customer-friendly, how Option Time presented itself in our test so far, it continues also regarding the deposit modalities. You can participate directly in the trade with a minimum deposit of 100 Euro. It is advisable to enter with sums starting from 300 euro, beginners are however often afraid of such high payments.

Pro Trade the minimum stake is only 10 euro. The minimum stake always depends on the chosen trading method, but the lowest value is an indicator for the comparison with other binary options brokers. Also here OptionTime can score points by small sums.

About 180 assets available

A vast selection offers OptionTime in terms of tradable commodities, stocks, indices and currencies. A total of over 180 assets are available for you to choose from. Here, too, OptionTime is in the upper range compared to its competitors. More underlyings are especially suitable for newcomers who have more options to choose a first stock.

Ebook, Library and much more for newcomers

OptionTime does not assume that every client is familiar with the rules of the binary options market. For beginners and advanced users there is a lot of information available. In concrete terms, there is a versatile and clear ebook available. In addition, trading principles and strategies are explained and clarified in an extensive video library. Some guidebooks are also part of the package. Training courses and further information are reserved for VIP accounts.

A point of criticism at the beginning: Unfortunately OptionTime does not have a free demo account. Trader are used this however already from the competition. Also there are usually no possibilities to examine trading strategies and tactics risk-free at the market. In order to remedy this, we recommend that you register with a broker with a free demo account. However only, in order to use this there to collect experiences and with real money and perfectly prepared with option time into the trade to enter with real money and with option time.

Gesotalbewertung: So well option time is

Option time is straight due to its high net yield chances and thanks to many trade possibilities a genuine alternative on the current binary options market. The offerer is very respectable and is thanks to the German Kundenservice and friendly support as made for beginners. A risers profit beyond that from the many different training further offers and the partly very high bonus, which is paid out on the first deposit. OptionTime is regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus, which in turn must comply with the directives of the European Union. Thus all customers and customers can be safe that it concerns respectable business practices.

A registration can be advised due to the analysis functions in the Tradingsystem not only beginners, but also advanced ones. They can profit from many indicators and make themselves familiar at the same time with over 180 different underlying values. OptionTime is definitely one of the best providers in the German network of binary options Broker.


Betrugstest.com takes care of whether a binary options broker is reputable or not. Therefore, my review of the provider refers only to whether the offer is valued or not. The facts: there is a license from CySEC. Furthermore, the company behind OptionTime is already well known in the industry. My experience: I can fully support the reviews from Betrugstest.com. I have been a customer for several months now and there have never been any difficulties or problems. I am very comfortable with the system and customer service offers me any help I may need in German. For a reputable company, the new customer bonus of 100% is very high. This is applied and used and can also be paid out if the action was successful. I never had any problems with the payouts I wanted to make. I cannot understand negative comments on this. Greetings, Hans

written 22 months ago