The Adventurous Slot Game – Book of Ra

May 1st, 2017 | Posted by in slots

In the recent times, there are several interesting casino games introduced online. Each kind of gambling game is now available in different variations and aspects. This is valid not just for poker and casino games but for slot machines as well. One of the slot games that is highly popular and interesting to play is the Book of Ra. This is one such game, which keeps the players occupied and entertained till the end. It is a classic version of Book of Ra that takes you back to the time of pharaohs, let you discover and explore the ancient Egypt. Apart from the concept and theme, the highlighting factors of the game are the amazing sound effects and excellent graphics. As a player, your mission in the game is to find a mythological book that fetches treasures and prosperity to the owner.

This classic version is largely based on the Book of Amun-Ra, an ancient Egyptian book. Amun-Ra is also referred to as the Book of the Living or the Golden Book. As per the sources, Amun-Ra is said to have a collection of Papyri, which is all about spells, magical incantations, and inscriptions etc. The age old tales say that Amun-Ra is the key to help the souls of people to reach the underworld. Moving to the slot machine game, the Book of Ra comes with an Egyptian theme and includes a range of symbols on the reels. The common symbols seen in the game include pyramids, Sphinx, hieroglyphics and scarab beetles. Players can also see letter symbols as well numbers in Italics. Another symbol in the game represents the Golden Book of Ra itself, which stands as both wild and scatter symbols. It is said that this book was made using only gold. Hence, players can expect most part of the game to revolve around gold treasures.

Gaminator and Novoline Group have launched the slot game in two versions till now named – the Book of Ra ‘Classic’ and Book of Ra ‘Deluxe’. The first version features 5 reels with 9 pay lines, while the latter has same number of reels but 10 pay lines. Connecting to nearly 3 to 5 symbols is the main objective of the game. Besides, the symbol that stands for both joker and bonus gets activated only when a player wins three bonus symbols in the game. Apart from these, players can expect free spins of up to 10 in a bonus game.




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