The Role of Technology in the Popularity of Bingo

February 28th, 2017 | Posted by in Uncategorized

Groups of old ladies crossing off numbers on their cards with their special marker pens and intently listening for the next number to be called – that would be the stereotype scenario in a Bingo game. If you step into a Bingo hall today, you would still find grandmothers around, but you might be surprised that many of the players are of varying ages and yes, you would even find men among them!

This just shows that the common misconception that this is just a game for retired grandmothers is not true. In fact, according to some studies, in the UK alone there are more women of the age 20 to 25 who play this game online than others. Talking worldwide, the age range of those who usually play it is 30 to 50, which is still not the age range that many people would expect.

Bingo Sites

The popularity of the use of computers and the Internet paved the way to the increase in the number of players who play Bingo, not just in the UK, but from around the world as well. The number of casino sites began to grow, offering favourite casino games online, including Bingo. There are even sites that cater to Bingo games only.

Since the majority of online gamers are younger, there are also now more players who are in this age range. The traditional bingo card and pen has been replaced by colourful graphics that add life to the game. The chat feature of these bingo sites also lets you talk to other players and make new friends.

Why not talk to others while playing Bingo? Perhaps you may have seen players in Bingo halls focused on listening to the numbers so that they do not miss them, which means that silence is a must. It’s different online as you can even let the system automatically mark your bingo cards, letting you do other things like chat and even finish other chores.

Bingo Apps

Mobile users have continuously increased in recent years, especially since smartphones and tablets have become more affordable than ever. App makers and casino sites have started offering Bingo games that can be played on these mobile devices, with full features just as if you are playing them on a computer. With the younger generations making up the majority of these users, it’s not a surprise that it’s not just old ladies that are into playing Bingo nowadays.

Bingo players today are not just the over 60s who are passing time with their friends. The availability of the game over the web and its accessibility on mobile devices makes it popular to players who are younger than the stereotyped Bingo players.

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